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Avoiding Backing Accidents

Backing accidents and hitting fixed objects are more than annoying and embarrassing. People have been hurt, even killed, in this type of accident. Moreover, these accidents are 100% preventable.

Driving While Stopped

Driving is dynamic and keeping track of all the activity that is going on all around you is a challenge for every driver. The tool that Eos says to use for this task is called "Focus by Moving Your Eyes." After all, if you are not moving your eyes you are in tunnel vision.

Focus Thieves

Understanding how your eyes work is critical to your safety. We have two types of vision: a strong central focus that we use to analyze and understand the world around us and a much larger peripheral vision that detects movement.

Intersection Safety

You must always focus by moving your eyes. However, it is especially important at intersections. Eye movement is your first line of defense at intersections. Intersection collisions are the deadliest on the road. More drivers die in intersection collisions than any other single type of collision. Because of this, we offer some special rules for intersection safety.

Jumper Cables

Simple doesn't always equal safe. Just because a job seems easy doesn't always mean that it doesn't present a safety hazard. Even a job as easy as connecting battery jumper cables can expose you to injury if proper procedures are not followed.

Pre-Departure Planning

Safe vehicle travel begins with effective pre-departure planning. This planning enables you to bring all your skills to bear on the dangerous task of operating a motor vehicle. As we all know, the most dangerous task any of us will likely perform during our lifetimes is a simple drive across town. Managing travel, especially travel via a motor vehicle, is essential to our safety and the safety of others.


Pretrip inspection of your vehicle is important. Failing to pretrip can result in you being broken down on the road exposing you to the elements, traffic and other hazards experienced by stranded motorists.


The dynamics of driving requires one hundred percent attention to the task. When we allow focus thieves to steal our attention as we drive we are placing ourselves into a losing situation. It is during these moments when we are at greatest risk. Our errors increase and we are far more likely to become involved in the mistakes of others.