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Taking a Confirming Drive

You’ve come to this page because you have a confirming drive assessment scheduled with a Driver Assessor. This brief information will help you get the most from the opportunity.

First and foremost, do not view your drive as a “test”. It is not a test. It is a coaching session to help you build habits of the four positive activities taught in the Eos SAFE Driver System. You are not expected to driver perfectly. Everyone, including your assessor, is working to improve their driving skills and the session is one step in getting better.

During the drive, you will talk to the assessor telling him or her what you see and what you are doing. It is recognized that describing all the things going through your mind during a typical drive is difficult to do, however, it is the only way an assessor can determine whether or not you are using the skills taught in Eos.

Watch this video to see a sample of a typical confirming drive.

It is understandable if you mispronounce words and stumble through sentences during your drive. Just keep going. The assessor knows what you are trying to say and verbal slips are just part of the exercise. Don’t worry about it.

Have fun with the activity. Your assessor is there to help you improve. The Eos score sheet is an objective system that simply determines how close you are to habitually using the skills taught. How you score is not nearly as important as how much you improve.

At the conclusion, your assessor will provide you with specific goals for improving and will review those goals with you.

Take the goals you are given for improvement and incorporate those skills in every drive you make. It takes practice to master any skill and safe driving performance is a skill. Whether you are a runner, golfer, skier, hunter or fisherman, you practice to improve. So it is with driving. Building good habits and using them during every drive protects you and your family in the most dangerous activity you perform…driving.