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Eos Driver Assessment

Congratulations! Soon you will become a Certified Eos Driver Assessor (CEDA)! Your company chose you because of your leadership and quality work performance. Our purpose for this page is to familiarize you with what to expect during your training and answer any questions you may have before the training begins.

How do I prepare for the training? As a Driver Assessor, you need to have a sound grasp of the concepts taught in Eos SAFE Driver. Before training begins, do the following to prepare for your training.

1) Review the Eos Online Training to re-familiarize yourself with the four positive driving activities and techniques taught in the Eos SAFE Driver System.

2) Prepare mentally for your driver assessor training.

First and foremost, do not view your drive as a “test”. It is not a test. It is a coaching session to help you build habits of the four positive activities taught in Eos SAFE Driver. You are not expected to drive perfectly. Everyone, including your Driver Assessor Trainer (DAT), is working to improve their driving skills and the session is one step in getting better.
3) Review the Eos Driver Assessment Sheet.
The Score Sheet used to assess drivers contains 19 items, which are all tied to the four positive activities taught in the Eos Safe Driver System. These items assess the driver’s eye movement, space and cushioning, and mechanical handling of the vehicle, by determining whether or not the driver is using the specific skill habitually, sometimes, or only when prompted.

Click here to download the Eos Driver Assessment Sheet.

4) Arrange to have someone from your office cover for you during the training.
We understand that everyone has a busy schedule; however your full attention is required during your training. You will be given adequate breaks and a lunch break to return phone calls, texts, emails, etc.
During the drive, you will talk to the assessor telling them what you see and what you are doing. It is recognized that describing all the things going through your mind during a typical drive is difficult to do, however, it is the only way an assessor can determine whether or not you are using the skills taught in Eos.

Watch this video to see a sample of a typical confirming drive.

It is understandable if you mispronounce words and stumble through sentences during your drive. Just keep going. The DAT knows what you are trying to say and verbal slips are just part of the exercise. Don’t worry about it.

At the conclusion, your DAT will provide you with specific goals for improving and will review those goals with you. The objective is to improve as the day progresses.

How will the training be conducted? We will begin the day by reviewing the four Positive Activities taught in Eos Safe Driver. The remainder of the day will be spent in a vehicle practicing these skills. The goal for the first half of the day will be on improving your driving skills. The second half of the day will be primarily focused on how to conduct the assessments and coach others.

The instructor will take the first drive of the day to demonstrate the Confirming Drive technique. Next, the instructor will demonstrate how to conduct an assessment. The remainder of the day will be spent rotating between driving and assessing, taking several breaks during the day.

At the end of the day, you will reconvene at the office to discuss the experience and ask the instructor any questions you may have. You will then be presented with a Driver Assessor Certificate for your accomplishment!

Have fun with the activity. Your DAT is there to help you improve. The Eos score sheet is an objective system that simply determines how close you are to habitually using the skills taught. How you score is not nearly as important as how much you improve. Focus on improving your own skills and learning how to transmit those skills to others.